Rinnai Alternative Pairing Tool

This tool is only for pairing a Control-R module with your 2.4Ghz wifi network. Please follow the steps exactly as described. This method works with either your personal computer or the web browser on your mobile phone/tablet.

The Control-R module must have a solid Red light before proceeding.
Step 1
From this computer or mobile phone, select the Wifi connection and choose the Rinnai-XXXXXXXX network.
Step 2
Once connected to the Rinnai-XXXXXXXX network, WAIT for the box below to fill with text. You cannot proceed until this step completes.

Note: If this box does not fill with text, check your Wifi Settings. Make sure you are connected to the Rinnai-XXXXXXXX network and the module has a solid RED light.
Step 3
Enter your home Wifi network name and password. Both are case sensitive. Then press Connect.

Almost there...
Your module will start blinking RED and eventually change to blinking BLUE.
Once the module is blinking BLUE, your Customer Service Agent will register your Control-R module.
If the module light does not change and remains solid red, and you are still on the Rinnai-XXXXXXXX network, try pressing Connect again.
If your module light changes, but returns to a solid red light, start again at step 1, and also verify you entered the correct Wifi credentials.